Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

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Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

One thing I look at when reviewing a person's nutrition is their fiber consumption. Many people following popular diets or nutrition lifestyles such as ketogenic, Atkins, or low carb,  are usually not consuming enough fiber. Another thing that is often lacking in these diets is the consumption of a variety of vegetables and fruits. Don't get me wrong, several fruits and vegetables can cause issues with sugar and insulin spikes but not all the time. We want to eat plenty of fiber and even increase fiber to bind to the excess sugars that we consume. One easy and convenient way I increase my fiber intake is having a tablespoon of 100% Psyllium Husk and a tablespoon of Chia Seeds mixed in 8-12oz of water every day.  

Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies?

Since we see that many fruits and vegetables cause issues with raising sugar and insulin, we need to monitor the total amount we are eating. It varies from person to person, but sometimes we see major instances of sugar spikes. Alot of this depends on the body's ability to process these sugars. One way we can counter this is to drink powdered greens. Be aware that many powdered greens out there have sugar or other harmful ingredients.  The one that I recommend and personally use is Power Greens made by NuMedica, which is available at Krave Market. 

Another suggestion is to test your salivary pH. This will help you determine if you are detoxifying. Many studies have shown the more acidic a person is, the more prone they are to developing illness and diseases like cancer. Changing your body to a more alkaline state is the best thing you can do to help reduce inflammation. Adding Power Greens to your daily regimen will help you get into, and stay in an alkaline state.


My Fiber and Greens Recipe

1 Tablespoonful of Chia Seeds

1 Tablespoonful of 100% Psyllium Husk

1 Scoop of NuMedica Power Greens

8-16 oz of Water

The more water the thinner the drink. 

My Diet Plan

The diet plan that I work on with patients is foundationally Keto or Low Carb, but many nutritional plans are individualized. There are certain foods  considered resistant starches which do not break down in the intestinal tract, do not cause inflammation nor spikes in insulin or sugars, these help keep patients in a ketogenic or fat burning state. The best diet of all is to determin which foods caus inflammation in the patient and remove those. Everyone is different so every nutritional plan is different.

If you are doing a Ketogenic Diet, the best approach to determine if someone is in ketosis (fat burning state), or kicked out of ketosis by eating certain foods, is to closely monitor their sugars and ketone levels.  I recommend purchasing a monitor that can do both, such as the Keto Mojo. This meter can check glucose and ketone levels in a patient with a simple finger stick..

About Me

 Dr. Michael Muniz is a registered pharmacist with a fellowship in metabolic and nutritional medicine. His goal is decreasing inflammation responses in patients to help resolve many chronic conditions. By focusing on the root cause and not the symptoms will help heal patients. He is available for one on one consultations, because everyone deserved personalized therapy. 

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