My Experience with Prolon - 5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

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Day 1: It is 10:34am and I am starting to write about my start of Prolon, the 5 day fasting mimicking diet. I want to document my journey using this system and see if I can lose body fat and gain muscle. I did Prolon about 10 months ago and felt amazing. I lost 14 lbs in those few days and I was at my lightest weight. I did not feel super tires as some might expect but it has to do with the intake of some food. Yes it isn't a large amount of still enough to help with my cravings. 

This morning I skipped my 5:00am run workout so I could get a good nights rest to conquer the 5 day fast. I dropped off my daughter at middle school and went for a short 3 mile run. This was a hard run for me because I have been slacking in my workouts. I was running 4 miles daily at an average pace of 9:30. I am trying to get back to running and my pace is 10:30. With the opening of Krave Market, I have put my workouts on the back burner as I still work as a Pharmacist at Muniz Rio Grande Pharmacy and running Krave Market takes a lot of time. Non the less I need to get back to my working out. 

After my run I came to open up Krave Market and I jumped on the inBody to see where my weight, muscle mass and body fat are. I will do this also at the end of the fast to see what exactly I lost. I will continue to do some workouts even if they are short and small. I may do some light cardio but I will see what my body feels as we move long. I will post pictures of my inBody as well as maybe some before and after. 

BP: 107/74 Pulse: 79 

Fasting Glucose 96
Day 1: Morning Fasting Blood Glucose Level
Blood Ketone Level 0.5Day 1: Morning Fasting Blood Ketone Level

I went and had labs drawn at 11:30am as well at Renaissance Laboratories. I will wait for results tomorrow. I plan on doing followup labs on Day 5. Since Day 5 ends on Saturday, I will need to do them In the morning before I start Day 5 so it will be in 4 days. 

Renassance LaboratoryRenaissance Laboratory Draw Station in Harlingen

12:30pm - So far so good. I enjoyed my breakfast, which was an L-Bar and some tea. The L-Bar is probably one of the best bars I have ever had. I cant wait to have another for dinner. 

3:30pm - Lunch Time - I enjoyed my tomato soup blend, olives and crackers. This stuff was really good and enjoyable. I guess I might be psyching my self out but it was really good.

5:30pm - I checked my glucose levels and ketone levels. My ketones are rising and my sugar dropped and this was 2 hours after I ate.

Lunch Glucose Level 89Day 1: Evening Blood Glucose Level
Day 1 Lunch Blood Ketone LevelDay 1: Evening Blood Ketone Level

8:00PM - Dinner - Tonight I enjoyed the Minestrone Soup with some hot tea. It was a delicious blend of vegetables. When I went to bed I felt very good. So far day one is complete and on to Day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 Fasting Ketone Level

Day 2 Fasting Ketone Level

Day 2 Fasting Glucose

Day 2 Fasting Blood Glucose

9:40am - Breakfast - Enjoyed my L-Bar, which to me is freaking amazing. I wish they would sell just the bar by its self. I also enjoyed some spearmint tea. I checked my ketone and glucose levels before I ate. I will check them again tonight to see if I am still going strong. I got my lab results in this morning and I will post a copy here for others to see. I will also try to upload my inbody results from a week ago, then the start of prolon and a last one at the end of prolon.

 8:30 - Dinner was some great soup. I really enjoyed the quinoa in there. The L-Crisp is also very good so I will just continue to enjoy this little sweet. The thing that I dislike is that on Day 3 there is no L-Crisp. So far the day went good and I hope to get up to go for a run. 

Day 3

Day 3 Fasting Ketone Level

Day 3 - Fasting Ketone Level

Day 3 - Fasting Glucose Level

Day 3 - Fasting Glucose

Hump Day for detox and I'm felling ok not the best but not the worst either. I got up and went for a quick run. I didn't want to run to much so I just ran a little short 2 miles. I felt good and initially felt like I was only going to be able to do 1 mile but I just kept going and everything else started to feel much better. I will continue to do this and move in the right direction. 

11:30 time for my L-Bar and some tea. I am feeling good and a little tired but once I have some of the tea and L-Bar I fell amazing. I feel much better with my blood on my face and skin. 

3:30pm time for lunch and I am enjoying my lunch today but sad I don't get my L-Crisp tonight. That is a night time snack that gets me through the day. 

Night time. I am not really feeling hungry so I skipped my dinner tonight. I know I shouldn't have but I did. I guess since I didn't get my L-Crisp I said I'm not going to eat my soup. I do not feel hungry anyways so just skip it. 

Day 3 Evening Ketone Level

Day 3 Evening Ketone Level

Day 3 Evening Glucose Level

Day 3 Evening Glucose Level

Day 4

Day 4 Fasting Ketone

Day 4 - Fasting Ketone Level

Day 4 Fasting Glucose

Day 4 - Fasting Glucose Level

Day 4, Yes. I made it through day 3 and I get all my snacks back. I am feeling good and excited to see my results. The scale has moved a little but I want it to move more. Tonight I have the parade but lets hope the street vendors aren't cooking good foods. The smell of BBQ is what I have been smelling and craving. 

10:30 - L-Bar and some Tea. I could eat this everyday. The energy drink which is hibiscus with some glycerol is really good. It helps get me through the day. 

Evening - Two of my kids were in the parade tonight so there was no way for me to make my soup. After we went to Denny's and I had some chicken soup. Yes it is a deviation from the prolon but I was hungry and didn't have much of a choice. So lets see where it takes me in the morning. I hope I didn't screw it up. 

Day 5

Day 5 Fasting Ketone Level

Day 5 - Fasting Ketone Level

Day 5 Fasting Glucose Level

Day 5 - Fasting Glucose Level

10:00am Breakfast included the L-Bar and some tea. I guess Denny's didnt mess with my glucose or ketone levels. My fasting glucose levels and ketone levels were still in good range. I am happy with all the results and felling less bloated than I did before I started. I did feel a little dehydrated so I am making sure to drink more fluids today. I jumped on the scale this morning as well and I am happy with where it is going. Hoping for a little more improvement tomorrow morning. I may need to go run a half marathon tomorrow.

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