PB & Whey Killer Whey

PB & Whey Killer Whey

  • $8.99

Grab a shovel, you’ll need it. Our chocolate peanut butter ice cream is a keto friendly rendition of a family favorite. Our indulgent keto friendly ice cream includes a healthy ribbon of peanut butter and 2g net carbs per serving. This sweet treat makes for a truly decadent dessert. It also contains MCT oil sourced 100% from coconut.

Our decadent ribbon of peanut butter only contains 2g of sugar per serving*. It feels and tastes like an old-fashioned ice cream without the consequences of high amounts of sugar.

How do we calculate net carbs?

We take our total carbs and subtract our all-natural sweeteners and our fiber content.

*You’ll notice our chocolate peanut butter ice cream has 2g of sugar per serving on its nutrition facts. 1 gram is from our dairy ingredients. Milk sugars (lactose) are rated 45 on the glycemic index. Our Peanut Butter only contains 1 gram of sugar per serving.